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Skin, New Arrivals
50 ml
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New Arrivals

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Cleaning Materials


These items make it easier for you to maintain a clean and tidy house. You may have them out in the open and easily accessible, or you can keep them hidden. They're simple to fold, hang, or leave on their own.


Brushes have a lot more to offer than meets the eye. Brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own purpose. Different bristles are available for different jobs. That's a lot to process. A list of the fundamental cleaning brushes that any foodservice establishment requires is the best place to start.

Window Applicator

Sleeve for a windows applicator 35cm pulex cotton refiller dust mop with simple movement and a large enough cleaning area for those difficult chores.


For dust sweeping bigger areas, the extra thick tufted, 100 percent cotton cleaning surface gives greater resilience.

Window Squeegee

Window squeegees, with their ergonomic handles, make professional glass cleaning a breeze. With specific locking mechanisms, the squeegee rubber and channel may be readily replaced. UNGER's high-quality cleaning equipment provides effective, rapid, and healthy cleaning for professional glass and building cleaners.

Stainless Steel Garbage Can

Our stainless steel kitchen trash can has a stainless steel wire drawing surface. The garbage can is made cooler and more appealing by its circular body and sloping lid. You will save a lot of money by purchasing our stainless steel trash can. 

Wheeled Waste Bins

Strong secured lid - This trash can makes it simple to place trash inside and keep it there thanks to the connected lid and handy hinge. The lid snaps into place when closed, keeping your lid secure. With the lid linked to the handle, you'll never have to worry about it blowing away in the wind.


Heavy-duty handle - This ergonomic and easy-to-grip handle makes transportation a breeze. You can easily maneuver your garbage can to the curb and return thanks to the pass-through divided handle design.


Rugged wheels - These wheels are built to last and provide a smooth ride when the container is in use. Ideal for use outside on your patio, deck, or garage. For easier lifting and pouring, use the bottom hand grove. The handle grove provides you peace of mind that this garbage can will perform its job, whether you're using it for your weekly trash or cleaning the yard.

Lobby Dust Pan Set

The Lobby pro dustpan with cover is suitable for usage in hotels, restaurants, and function hall lobbies. Unsightly dirt and trash are hidden behind the self-opening and closing lid. The pan's built-in long handle allows you to empty it without contacting the pan's bottom. Wear-resistant rear wheels are available. The optional hanging bracket makes transporting and storing pans and brooms a breeze.

Mop Trolley

A mop wringer and cleaner are required in restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores to retain all the water and clean messes. This mop wringer will perform a better job than hauling a bucket. Why? The mop wringer carries more water, doesn't make a mess, and wrings out all the excess water in your mop so you don't end up with puddles. A higher back makes it simpler to wring out your mop and prevents backache.

  • To wring out the mop, you'll need a large target area.
  • 4 casters in gray for simple movement.
  • If you need to carry it, there's a handle, but it's also very mobile.
  • Made of durable ABS plastic.

Microfiber Woven Cloth

These lint-free cleaning cloths may also be used to wipe up grease and liquid spills. Because of their non-abrasive nature, they may be used on clear coatings and other sensitive surfaces without scratching or marring them. These streak-free cleaning cloths leave a uniform sheen on the windshield, making it easier to see through while driving. They can absorb up to eight times their weight in liquid, allowing you to use them for longer periods of time before having to wring them out. They come in a pack with your choice of the count, allowing you to keep as many or as few as you think you'll need on hand. They're reusable, and you can even wash them in the machine to keep them clean.

Dishwash Sponge

Durable everyday dish sponge with a strong scrub pad is suitable for abrasive cleaning and scouring everything and anywhere, readily eliminates stubborn dirt and oil, and can also be used to polish grout. Multi-purpose, low-cost surface cleaning sponge in bulk with no odor, bacteria-resistant substance (do not use on Teflon or highly polished surfaces), and simple to sterilize in the dishwasher for long-term usage.

Kitchen Towel – Cotton

These dishcloths by Origami are machine washable and easy to care for. They're incredibly absorbent and can assist you with any cooking activity. The dishcloths from Origami may be used for a variety of jobs throughout the house, not only in the kitchen. To create a vibrant, fresh ambiance in the kitchen, mix and match colors.

Cleaning Materials