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Disposable & Packing Materials

Latex Gloves

Gloves can be used for a variety of tasks in the workplace. Cuff with beading for extra durability. Provides a comfortable fit. Dexterity that is unrivaled. FDA-approved. Use in conjunction with glove dispensers.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl is a particularly cost-effective material. There are thin and thick alternatives available, so you can use the thin ones for food handling and the thick ones for cleaning. Because vinyl is latex-free and has no related allergies, it can be used by everyone. These items feature a looser fit, making them more comfortable and simple to put on.

Nitrile Gloves

The substance is chemically resistant, making it ideal for cleaning or dealing with hazardous materials. Nitrile gloves are lightweight but durable. As a result, they have exceptional tactile sensitivity, which is critical when performing delicate medical procedures. They form a snug and comfortable fit in your hands. They don't leave a powdery residue on your hands since there isn't any. They are latex-free, so you won't have to worry about an allergic response.

Shoe Cover

100 pairs of disposable shoe covers for indoor and outdoor cleaning. This pair of shoe covers are constructed of high-quality premium plastic material with excellent craftsmanship and is anti-slip, waterproof, and anti-off.

Face Mask

Breathable, soft, and comfortable: The inner non-woven fabric of our face mask is as soft as intimate clothes, light, and breathable, keeping you free of dust, PM 2.5, haze, smoke, and automotive exhaust. The length of the disposable face mask can be modified to fit the face in a 3D efficient elastic ear loop design. The disposable face mask provides you with a very comfortable experience at any moment and does not damage your ears when used for a long time.

Arm Sleeves

Disposable waterproof arm cover sleeves, PE disposable plastic sleeve cover is highly affordable and easy to use in a universal size, water-resistant and oil-proof, single or double elastic edge can be chosen. Our disposable plastic arm cover sleeves are designed to protect skin and clothes in the workplace from a range of fluids and other contaminants. These are useful for medical institutions, food manufacturing industries, and other applications where fluid exposure is a concern. Disposable aprons, plastic gowns, safety goggles, face shields, disposable gloves, and disposable face masks can all be utilized in conjunction with these arm cover sleeves. When water and soap are not accessible, this protective equipment should be used in conjunction with frequent hand washing with hand sanitizer.

Hair Net

Estheticians and beauticians will benefit from this product. Important in the Medical Environment, fantastic for the kitchen and the food industry. Very useful for things like protecting your hair while sleeping. All head sizes are accommodated in one size.

Disposable Apron

Multiple applications: personal care, cleaning, catering, and food handling, to name a few. The apron is strong, dust-proof, water-proof, oil-proof, corrosion-resistant, and does not easily bend. Easy to wear: Because the head is directly fitted into the design, it is more convenient and quick to put on. Material that is lightweight: It is made of a breathable and comfy polyethylene material that will keep you cool as you wear it. 100 disposable aprons are included in the package to fulfill your demands.

Non-Woven Lab Coat

Origami provides high-quality and comfortable disposable lab coats that are made from non-woven fibers such as polypropylene and polyester. It's commonly used in laboratories to ensure proper safety. This lab coat's style may be changed to meet your specific needs, such as single or double collars, knitted or elastic cuffs, chest zipper, and so on. We can give you the most comfortable disposable lab coat as a producer of disposable lab coats. The net disposable lab coat, non-woven, non-sterile is a high-quality product that is widely used across the world. The firm is recognized for high product quality manufactures and supplies disposable lab coats, non-woven, non-sterile. Connect our team for more information.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is a common packaging material used to wrap products and secure them in the best possible way. Origami Hygiene is one of the leading service providers, specializing in the assembly and distribution of a wide range of stretch films. We make these things with blown film technology, which reduces the cost of production. Furthermore, these are delivered under the supervision of our professionals, who assemble them using the current LDPE.

BOPP Tapes

Our adhesive tapes are made from the superior quality adhesive that provides high tack and adhesion strength required for sealing cartons to make them pilfer-proof. BOPP is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film coated with a water-based adhesive, and our adhesive tapes are made from the superior quality adhesive that provides high tack and adhesion strength required for sealing cartons to make them pilfer proof.

Aluminum Foil

Lineslife wrap aluminum foil is made with food-grade aluminum foil that is sturdy and strong enough to endure extreme hot and low temperatures. This non-stick kitchen cooking foil is also safe and healthy, with good thermal conductivity. It can be used to line a barbecue, store food in the refrigerator, or wrap leftovers. It has the ability to keep meals fresh and moist. With the simple tear edge, you can always acquire the perfect size sheet of baking foil. Standard cutting edges are built into the carton, making them easy to use and tear. It's simple to remove our quality nonstick tin foil cover. It can be used to cover pans to prevent splatters and to wrap food to enhance flavor and texture. Perfect for roasting, insulating, baking, grilling, protecting kitchenware, sandwich wrapping, and quick-cooking, among other things.

Cling Film

Cling film, also known as cling wrap, food wrap, plastic wrap, or pliofilm, is a thin plastic film used to keep food items fresh for longer periods of time. Plastic wrap, which is normally offered in rolls in boxes with a cutting edge, clings to a variety of smooth surfaces and can thus be used to keep a container's opening tight without the use of adhesive. The thickness of the common plastic wrap is around 0.5 thousandth of an inch (12.5 m). Despite the fact that the tendency has been to develop thinner plastic wrap, particularly for residential use (where relatively little stretch is required), the majority of brands on store shelves around the world are currently 8, 9, or 10 m thick.

Disposable & Packing Materials

Garbage Bag

Garbage bags have evolved into a popular and practical method of waste disposal. Plastic garbage bags prevent moist waste from leaking and are easy to transport due to their lightweight. These garbage bags may be used for a variety of things and are a one-stop-shop for all of your waste disposal needs, whether they're dry or wet. You can use them in your kitchen, office, factory, pantry, industries, hotels, hospitals, or washrooms for a safe waste disposal technique. Simply unroll, tear, unfold, and open to use.

Carry / Vegetable Bags

Carry bags have evolved into the most practical way to transport all of your items when shopping. They're great for establishing a business's image. There are a variety of carrying bag types to pick from, and you may have them personalized to your preferences.