Our primary concentration is on the production and marketing of high-quality tissue paper goods.

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Paper Products

Fiona Facial Tissue

Our tissues are hygienic, safe, soft, and disposable, and they soothe your skin softly. They provide comfort not just at home, but also in public. Our most well-known brand is Fiona Facial Tissue, and we guarantee the perfect blend of softness, thickness, and strength.


Origami Hygiene also makes a variety of paper products and facial tissues as unique designs for our customer's brands. Our paper products and facial tissue collection include 100 percent pure fresh fiber products, recovered fiber products, and blends of various basic materials.

Facial Tissue Soft Pack 

An alternative to cloth handkerchiefs that can be discarded. Because of their hygienic objectives, they are often used.

Different types of tissues are available depending on your needs.

Tissues (1 ply)

Tissues (2 ply)

Tissues (3 ply)

The number of layers in the tissues is referred to as a ply. More ply equals a greater feel and a higher amount of absorption.

Colour Napkins

Here at Origami Hygiene, we have a wide variety of plain colored napkins suited for every occasion. For your party, you'll be able to choose napkins that fit your theme in a number of colors and pack sizes.

Plain & Printed Napkins

Printed paper napkins are a typical sight in our office. Here, we print premium-quality napkins that leave no room for complaints or discontent. You may serve the customized paper napkins in any color you wish with ease.

Jumbo Rolls

Jumbo roll toilet tissue aids in the reduction of maintenance and waste, breaks down in cold water so it won't clog drains, ensuring responsible manufacturing and quality.


Ideal for: preserving a high-quality image in crowded workplaces and hotel washrooms; boosting comfort and care with a soft and absorbent tissue; lowering expenses and waste in high-use areas with perforated tissue that controls how much you take; caring for the environment.

Italian Tissue

Italian tissues are some of the best on the market. These towels are gentle on the skin, having finely woven fibers that don't itch or scratch. They're fantastic for touching up makeup smudges, and smears, but we fell in love with them since they're affordable and versatile.

Interfold Italy

Interfolded toilet paper allows you to take one sheet at a time, making it the most efficient way to save waste without sacrificing quality. This unique feature results in an even lower chance of clogging, which is already mitigated by Bio Tech's ability to sanitize wastewater. Furthermore, the individual interfolded sheets provide efficient space utilization, lowering shipping costs and freeing up storage space.

Kitchen Towels

The Kitchen towel is made up of three layers, each of which delivers the maximum level of strength, absorbency, and durability. Ideal for cleaning kitchen and glass surfaces, plates and glasses, silverware, and tackling any mess in the home on a budget. For extra strength and longevity, a triple layer of sheet is used. For germ protection, it has been sterilized.

Toilet Rolls

Toilet paper roll is produced with three high-quality plies with delicate patterns that provide the maximum level of absorbency, thanks to a new technique that increases our absorbency power by up to 60%.

Maxi Rolls

Maxi rolls are created entirely from virgin pulp. This softens it without sacrificing its essential attributes of strength and absorbency. Because the pulp is sourced from well-managed, environmentally sustainable forests, "soft n cool" is also environmentally friendly. To ensure optimal hygiene, everything is touch-free from the pulp to the packing. We provide you with world-class quality at an affordable price.

Medical Bed Rolls

The nonwoven rolls are comprised of a soft, yet durable nonwoven material that gives comfort and protection for aromatherapy, beauty treatments, body massages, and waxing sessions. PP non-woven bedrolls have a cloth-like feel and are made of outstanding breathable spun-bonded, durable bed protectors. PE bedrolls with a PP coating give a smooth surface that is protected from water erosion by a PE layer. Bedrolls are lightweight and tear and puncture-resistant.


Origami towel rolls are great for cleaning, wiping, and draping when you need a lot of absorbency and strength. One side of laminated paper exam table rolls absorbs water, while the other side is waterproof.

Inter / C / Z Folds


The most popular folded towel is the traditional one. Controlling usage is difficult since users frequently take more sheets than are required. For areas with a low quality of hygiene.


Towels that have been freshly cut. Towel opens on its own. Provides controlled usage by dispensing one towel at a time. Dispensing method that is hygienic. Fits the majority of dispensers. Narrow widths are available.


If you're looking for a super large toilet paper roll that will come in handy for wiping things down, this could be a great option. It is of the highest quality, being highly absorbent and having a large capacity. It's constructed of 100% virgin pulp and comes in a bleached white color. It contains embossing on both sides, as well as three perforated sizes.